Because everyone deserves fresh produce.

All of us at After the Harvest treasure our partnerships with area agencies feeding those in need. Day in and day out, your staffs and volunteers give so much to Kansas City and surrounding areas. If you work at a food agency, you know better than anyone what it’s like when those you serve can take home cantaloupe, greens, corn, cucumbers and onions–produce that they couldn’t otherwise afford–to feed their hungry families. 

Would your agency like to access more fresh-from-the-field fruits and vegetables, completely free of charge, on a consistent basis throughout harvest season from May through November? That’s what happens when you join forces with After the Harvest.

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Go right to the source.

At After the Harvest, we deliver our gleaned produce based on agency location (often relying on volunteers to drop off on their route home), distribution timing, number of recipients and other factors. We also distribute millions of pounds of produce to agencies from our gleaning and truckload program via Harvesters–The Community Food Network.

However, there is a way to guarantee produce for your agency. When you send staff or volunteers to our gleaning or pick-ups, we send them back with farm fresh fruits and vegetables–all bound for your agency. There are two ways to volunteer:

Reconciliation services prep team shucking corn
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Help Harvest, Pick Up at Gleanings.

Send staff or volunteers to join us at farms, orchards and gardens to glean excess produce, or just pick-up already harvested produce after the gleaning, and transport to your agency. Sign up on our Volunteer Calendar for gleaning dates and times at farms within 30 to 45 minutes of Kansas City. Let us know you’re signing up for your agency.
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Pick Up at Farmers Markets, Other Locations.

Sign up your staff or volunteers on our Volunteer Calendar for scheduled produce pick-ups from farmers markets and transport to your agency. You can also be contacted for pop-up produce pick-ups. Just sign up as a produce rescue driver for your agency.

There are hundreds of gleanings and pick-ups May to November and many pop up weekly—every one of them an opportunity to bring fresh produce to your agency.

won’t you join us?

“I work at a food pantry. I see how excited the people we serve get when we’re able to provide freshly-picked, high-quality veggies. As for the gleaning experience itself, I love doing it—getting out in the country, the fresh air, the exercise and meeting other people.”

—Sandy, After the Harvest volunteer.