gifts that yield hope.

You know how it feels to be part of a cause that you’re truly passionate about. To see first-hand the difference you make. To be part of something bigger than yourself. 

At After the Harvest, we partner with people like you who share our passion for providing healthy food to hungry people in our community and who believe that food waste is unconscionable. In addition to helping those in need in Greater Kansas City, you’ll discover lifelong friends who glean together, champion our cause and find other ways to give that allow us to provide fresh produce to hungry neighbors for years to come. 

Your gifts fill hearts with hope. Contact us at 816-921-1903 or to talk about the options available to you.

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There’s no one way to make yourself part of the work we do at After the Harvest, and no one way to ensure that our positive impact continues. These are just a few ways you can give. 

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Make Us A Beneficiary

You can name After the Harvest in your will as a specific bequest that details the property or value to be given, a residuary bequest that identifies the percentage of the estate remaining after other bequest and obligations are met or as a contingent bequest that details the conditions that need to be met for the bequest to be made.

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Real Estate

Give a residence, farm or portion of a farm and deduct the value of the property. You can also establish a life estate, donating the property, while continuing to live in it–and still claim an income tax deduction.

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Life Insurance

A life insurance policy can be gifted whether it is paid or still requires premiums. This not only helps After the Harvest, it can also create an income tax deduction, depending on the circumstances.

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IRA Rollover

Standard and Roth IRAs require minimum distributions once you reach age 70 1/2. Gifting all or part of these is an easy way to benefit After the Harvest and avoiding the tax on taking it as income.

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Charitable Gift Annuity

This type of donation lets you provide a gift to After the Harvest, while you receive a fixed stream of income from us for rest of your life–and also qualify for a partial tax deduction.

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Charitable Remainder Trust

A great way to reduce your taxable income, this option allows you to provide a fixed income to yourself or others up to 20 years and then provide the remainder to After the Harvest.


it’s up to you.

The organizations you support are personal to the causes you feel most connected to. There are other considerations, too. Please contact us for any additional information you might need or to learn more about After the Harvest and your giving preferences.

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“They’ve done a mighty good job. I know that they struggle with all the same struggles we all have–with money and the numbers of volunteers and trying to get things done the best way they can, as fast as they can. And I’m so glad that they’re out there doing what they’re doing.”

— After the Harvest agency partner