when we stepped out, others stepped up.

Like most big ideas, After the Harvest began very small with a few like-minded individuals who believed that hungry people deserve healthy food in Greater Kansas City and that no food should go to waste. Starting out in loaned space in May 2014, we took a leap of faith, moving to our current location equipped with a 501(c)(3) designation, two chairs, a file cabinet, two computers sitting atop borrowed folding tables and a staff of three.

Now, After the Harvest–with a still small full-time staff of seven and thousands of volunteers–distributes rescued fruits and vegetables via our gleaning program directly to agencies feeding hungry people. After the Harvest is the largest local produce donor to Harvesters–The Community Food Network. Harvesters is our primary distribution partner, delivering our produce via our gleaning and truckload programs to agencies within their service area. This unique partnership gives Harvesters access to fresh-from-the-farm produce that is otherwise unavailable to them–providing value, variety and quality to their produce distribution program.

Harvester's Van picking up after the Harvest Gleaning Produce
After the Harvest’s rescued produce is delivered to more than 360 agencies serving over 35,000 hungry people in our area each week.

What we do

After the Harvest (ATH) rescues nutritious fruits and vegetables from going to waste and donates them to agencies that serve hungry people, primarily in Greater Kansas City. Our volunteers glean after the harvest, picking what’s left in farmers’ fields and picking up already harvested leftover produce. The majority of the funds we raise helps secure semi-truckloads of donated produce that might otherwise end up in landfills. 

To fight hunger, improve nutrition and reduce food waste by rescuing fresh produce and distributing it to organizations that feed hungry people.
A healthy heartland without hunger and food waste.
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Core Values:

Mission-Driven – We work together based on our shared beliefs that no healthy food should be wasted and no one should be hungry. 

Dignity – Access to nourishing food is a right, not a luxury. Hunger is unacceptable.

Collaboration – Collaboration is essential to achieve our goals.

Sustainability – We implement sustainable, common sense, efficient solutions that reduce food waste and hunger.

Diversity – We provide an inclusive environment that embraces the diversity of individuals, thoughts and viewpoints.

Integrity – We are transparent, trustworthy and committed to ethical and professional accountability in the management of our operations, resources and relationships.

There is no other organization in the area that does what After the Harvest does, bringing together thousands of passionate people to rescue nutritious produce for thousands of hungry people.
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Like Minds. Shared efforts.

It’s our focus on fruits and vegetables that sets us apart, and our common sense solution that brings people together–volunteers, growers, financial donors and food agencies all participate in fighting hunger, improving nutrition and reducing food waste. It also creates some unique opportunities for rescuing these healthy fruits and vegetables.

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We organize volunteer glean teams to go to fields to harvest what our big-hearted growers donate.

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We visit area farmers markets and other locations to gather leftover produce that’s unsold or graded out. 

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We fundraise to bring semi-truckloads of donated fresh-from-the farm produce here, instead of a landfill.

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The nutritious produce we collect is delivered to hundreds of area food pantries, shelters and community kitchens by our staff, volunteers and Harvesters, where it becomes part of a nourishing diet for families, children and seniors in our community.

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"Honestly, if you don’t have much money for food, how are you going to afford the most expensive foods like fresh fruits and vegetables? You’ve got small children…what about their nutrition, their health? You may have to pick up a box of macaroni and cheese and make it stretch instead of buying a bag of apples."

—Susan, After the Harvest produce recipient