to a hungry family’s table.

Our generous grower partners are the  lifeblood of what we do at After the Harvest. As a matter of fact, over 160 local growers donate more than 70 varieties of fruits and vegetables for those in need, primarily in Greater Kansas City. 

Whether you have leftover produce in your orchard, field or garden, or excess produce that’s already picked, After the Harvest makes sure it goes to hungry people close by–instead of going to waste. It’s what we do and we do it in a way that makes it easy on you. Contact us and let’s talk!

Joe standing in front of a tractor while wearing a hat and suspenders and holding radishes

It’s Easy To Donate.

Just call or e-mail After the Harvest and we can be in your field with a trained field supervisor and a team of volunteer gleaners ready to harvest–with all the tools, bags and boxes we need. Gleaners are instructed in safety best practices. We follow your instruction to the letter, working with you to make sure our gleaners know where to walk, what to pick and any other instructions you have. Then, we load up and deliver the produce to area food pantries, shelters and community kitchens where it becomes part of a healthy meal–and, at the end of the day, nothing goes to waste.

Some growers choose to plant a little extra just for After the Harvest and our hungry neighbors. Our volunteers will glean those extra rows, but we also may be able to help plant them as well!

If you grow it, we glean it.

From berries and apples to potatoes, beets, corn, winter squash, tomatoes and more–After the Harvest glean teams come to you to harvest your excess produce. We bring the number of volunteers needed to do the job, gleaning generally for three hours in the morning.

No gleaning is too big or too small.

Whether you have 50 pounds or 500,000 pounds of produce, After the Harvest is happy to have it to share with others who really need it. We can even come with only a couple days notice. Choose to have us come once or multiple times over the season.

We pick up leftover or unsold produce.

Even if you’ve already harvested the produce, After the Harvest is here to help. We have regularly scheduled pick-ups for leftovers at area farmers markets and if we don’t have one at yours, let us know. We also pick up excess or graded-out produce from your farm or other location.

Why not plant an extra row or field to donate? We'll help harvest and deliver it for you. Contact us


Give us the details at 816-921-1903 or


The benefits may surprise you.

  • Save the time and trouble of tracking down agencies.
  • Prevent nutritious fruits and vegetables from going to waste.
  • Let area families, individuals and groups see where their food comes from.
  • Make a donation that truly makes a difference.
  • We’ll provide you with a detailed donation report for tax purposes. 

Contact us

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“They’re so friendly. When people come to work, they’re all upbeat. They’re happy they’re doing it and always ready to help. And they always have somewhere for it to go. So, it’s just wonderful to work with them.”

—After the Harvest grower

A combination of the Good Samaritan Law the waivers of liability signed by each of our volunteers, protects landowners from risk.